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Whether you are in the recycling, manufacturing or plastic injection industry, keeping your oil to manufacturer's specifications is key to increasing your machinery's life span.

Oil & Gas

Drilling companies throughout the US have relied on Vulcan Engineering products to extend usable machinery life by removing water and solid contaminants from mud pumps, hydraulic systems and generators.


Whether you are dealing with varnish, water or solid contamination, Vulcan Engineering can help you design a solution to meet your needs and deliver a solid return on investment (ROI).

Wind Power

Market leaders of the wind electric generation industry have relied on Vulcan products to realize cleaner lubrication on hard working rotational componentry.


We work diligently to insure our products are world class in terms of quality and performance. We evaluate products in the lab as well as in the field with multiple installs to monitor operational efficiency. We also build strong relationships with our partners so we can provide the service and support our customers deserve.

Air Sentry
Baldwin Filters
Schroeder Industries
Oil Purification Systems
Cummins Fleetguard
Polaris Laboratories

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